How It Works

The first ever ultimate cryptocurrency tournament is a single-elimination tournament taking place between March 17 and April 12. If you missed the basics, you can see them on our home page or read them here. 

On March 13, coins will be seeded #1-64 according to their market cap from coinmarketcap.com. Once seeded, coins will be locked in their place, regardless of market cap changes. We will go into more detail on seeding the coins below.

Coin matchups will take place on Twitter polls. Register a Twitter account to vote and participate in the tournament. 

Follow @UltimateCrypto7 on Twitter to vote, or click on the buttons labeled “VOTE HERE.”


At the end of each round, the winner will move on to the next round. The loser will be out of the tournament.

After the first round, there will be 32 coins remaining. After the second round, there will be just 16. The tournament will progress until there is just ONE coin standing! That will be our CHAMPION!

The first four rounds will last for three days each on the days listed on the calendar below.

The final two rounds will last for six days each.

The CHAMPION will be crowned on Monday April 13, 2020! Save the date!

Vote on your favorite coin.

Get your friends to vote too.

Spread the WORD about this may the best coin win!


How to Help

Vote for your favorite coin. @UltimateCrypto7

Get your friends to vote too. @UltimateCrypto7

Spread the WORD about this and may the best coin win!

Seeding the Tournament

On March 13, coins will be seeded #1-64 according to their market cap from coinmarketcap.com. A screenshot will be taken at midnight (Arizona time) on March 13, 12:01 am and those will be the coins in the tournament.

The tournament has four 16-team brackets leading to a “Final Four.” The top 4 coins will be the #1 seeds in each of the four brackets.

Coins #5-8 will be the #2 seeds in the four brackets, and so on.

The overall #1 seed (coin #1 by market cap) will be given the honorable spot at the top left of the overall bracket. The bracket below will have the overall #4 seed.

On the right side of the bracket will be the overall #2 seed and overall #3 seed.

The #2 seeds will be seeded in order to give more favorable matchups to the higher overall seeds. So in the sample bracket below, overall #1 seed Bitcoin would have overall #8 seed EOS as the #2 seed in its bracket.

Overall #2 seed Ethereum would be the #1 seed in its bracket and have overall #7 seed Litecoin as its #2 seed.

Overall #3 seed XRP would have overall #6 seed Bitcoin SV as its #2 seed and overall #4 seed Bitcoin Cash would have #5 overall seed Tether as its #2 seed in its bracket.


You get the idea.

After that, coins will be seeded in the #3, #4, #5 et c. seeds will be seeded as shown below.


Bracket seeds #9-16 will be placed as above for parity purposes.

Once seeded on March 13, coins will be locked in their place, regardless of market cap changes leading up to the tournament. 


Inspiration and Motivations

Earlier in the month I saw a cryptocurrency tournament along the lines of a European soccer league. I thought that was cool, but it’d be cooler if it was like the NCAA basketball tournament, which I felt was the most exciting in sports.

Flash! Inspiration hits

I would have to make it myself. After learning how to make a WordPress site, a bracket, a logo, et c. what you see above is the creation. Not bad…

Growing up, I loved filling out brackets for the NCAA tournament, picking the right upsets was a particular joy of mine.

I loved basketball tournaments so much that I would routinely “replay them” in my backyard, playing as both teams.

Having matured in both years and understanding, it’s tough to get excited for a basketball tournament full of statist government indoctrination camps staffed with cultural Marxists a.k.a. modern universities.


Cheering on my favorite cryptocurrencies, helping to raise awareness about them and helping to end the current fiat-currency debt-based enslavement system sounds like a much nobler use of my time.

Additionally, I’ve been in the crypto space since the beginning of 2017. I’m not a noob anymore and in the three years here I’ve seen the fervor which supporters of a certain coin have. It’s akin to a sports team!

So rather than argue about which coin is better on Reddit, why not settle it on the “court?”

Seems fair to me. The coins which people like move on, and the ones people don’t get left behind.

So let’s make this big! I’ll do my best to get as many people as possible aware of this, but I’d also love your help. All it takes is to send this website or Twitter @UltimateCrypto7 to those who care and the rest should take care of itself.

In the future I would like to have a competition where people fill out their own brackets and have a competition to pick the correct coins which will “win.” 

This year I just wanted to get it out and make it happen! Thanks for your support.