The 2021 Ultimate Cryptocurrency tournament champion


First Round Scores:

Second Round Scores:

Sweet Sixteen Scores:

Elite Eight Scores:


CHAMPIONSHIP and 3rd Place Game Scores:

Tournament Format and Schedule

A single-elimination tournament will take place between March 16 and April 4, 2021.

On March 14, Selection Sunday, coins will be seeded #1-64 according to their market cap from Once seeded, coins will be locked in their place, regardless of market cap changes. For a more detailed breakdown of how coins are seeded, and the results of past tournaments, please see our About Page.

Coin matchups will take place on Twitter polls. Register a Twitter account to vote and participate in the tournament. 

Follow @UltimateCrypto7 on Twitter to vote, or click on the buttons labeled “VOTE HERE.”

At the end of each round, the winner will move on to the next round. The loser will be out of the tournament.

After the first round, there will be 32 coins remaining. After the second round, there will be just 16. The tournament will progress until there is just ONE coin standing! That will be our CHAMPION!

The first four rounds will last for three days each on the days listed on the calendar below.

The final two rounds will last for six days each.

The CHAMPION will be crowned on Monday April 4, 2021! Save the date!

Vote on your favorite coin.

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Spread the WORD about this may the best coin win!


Vote for your favorite coin. @UltimateCrypto7

Get your friends to vote too. @UltimateCrypto7

Spread the WORD about this and may the best coin win!