History of the Tournament: 2020, It Begins

The first cryptocurrency tournament occurred between March and April of 2020. The first champion was 15 seed Nano, upsetting Monero in the final. Bitcoin defeated Tezos in the 3rd place game.

History of the Tournament: 2021, It Returns

In 2021, the crypto tournament returned to rousing fanfare. The Final Four were: Algorand, Cardano, EOS, and Elrond. Six seed EOS defeated 10 seed Algorand in the finals, and Cardano defeated Elrond in the 3rd place game.

History of the Tournament: 2022, It Explodes

In 2022, the crypto tournament exploded with over 125,000 votes cast in total. Hedera took home the trophy, with a dominating offensive performance during the tournament. Elrond repeated their Final Four run but came up short. Last year’s runner-up Algorand, took home third place with a win over IOTA in the 3rd place game.

Previous (Unplayed) Tournaments

The 2020 tournament was the first official Ultimate Crypto tournament. However, for fun, I went back and thanks to the Wayback Machine, imagined what the brackets for previous tournaments would have looked like, going back all the way to 2014!

It was very enjoyable to look back and see the progress of coins through the years, see the quirks in different tournaments, and reminisce about coins that were once here, but are no longer.

For example, Dogecoin would have been a 2 seed in 2014. Stellar a 3 seed in 2015. Just a bit of trivia for you. Enjoy the past crypto tournaments, had they existed.

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