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Thoughts and Predictions for the 2020 Tournament

Thoughts and Predictions for the 2020 Tournament

The bracket is out after one of the WILDEST days in crypto I’ve seen in a minute. Bitcoin went from around 8000 to 3800 to 5700 to 5000. Plenty of other coins saw HUGE gains and HUGE losses. A great way to start what should be a wild tournament.

Here are a few of my thoughts on the coins and matchups in this year’s tournament:

In the Bitcoin Bracket

A pretty straight shot for Bitcoin to the Final Four. Pesky Dogecoin will be a tough matchup, but after that, there aren’t too many challengers left in the bracket.

In other parts of this bracket, I could see some upsets happening:

#12 Lisk over #5 Crypto.com Coin

#13 Waves over weak #4 Huobi Token

BIG UPSET possibility: #14 Ravencoin over #3 Chainlink

#15 OmiseGO is a tough first-round draw for #2 EOS.

In the Tether Bracket

This one is wide open. Tether grabbed the #1 seed after most other coins fell hard in yesterday’s market crash.

I see #4 Monero advancing over #2 Bitcoin Cash in the final.

In other matchups, I could see #9 VeChain taking down #1 Tether in the 2nd round.

#6 Dash could be trouble for #3 Binance Coin and what a fun potential matchup with #10 Bitcoin Gold potentially playing #2 Bitcoin Cash in the battle of the 2017 forks!

In the Ethereum Bracket

After pushing past a tough #9 seed Basic Attention Token and a fight from #4 TRON, I see #1 Ethereum moving past #7 Maker in the bracket final.

I really like the possible second round matchup between #1 Ethereum and #9 Basic Attention Token. Could BAT, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain actually be considered the “better cryptocurrency?” Who knows! Stranger things have happened in crypto!

I see #4 TRON surviving a tough challenge from #13 Kyber Network and then making quick work of #5 Ethereum Classic.

I see either the winner of the #7/10 Maker/Qtum matchup going on to upset #2 Bitcoin SV when the crypto community shows out in droves to vote against it.

The XRP Bracket

I see #2 Litecoin over #1 XRP in a tough matchup to get to the Final Four.

#4 Cardano presents a tough potential Sweet Sixteen matchup for #1 XRP. Both coins have dedicated followings. But I see the better-known XRP prevailing.

I think #6 NEO will survive a challenge from #11 0x and then go on to upset #3 Tezos in the 2nd round.

#10 Decred over mysterious #7 NEM before succumbing to #2 Litecoin in the 2nd round.

Litecoin vs. Neo would be a great matchup as well.

My thoughts don’t matter!

It’s up to YOU to vote to determine the winners. On March 17, go to the home page of the website, or to https://twitter.com/UltimateCrypto7 to vote, tell your friends, and may the best coin win!


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