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Second Round Recap…On to the Sweet Sixteen!

The second round is over! We'll get into the recap shortly, but first, if you are reading now, there's a good chance the next round of the tournament is going on as we speak. If you haven't already, head to https://twitter.com/ultimatecrypto7 to vote in the tournament. Some unexpected faces make their...

First Round Recap

Vote in the second round at https://twitter.com/UltimateCrypto7 With one round in the books, this is what the bracket now looks like. Some shocking upsets that might not have been so shocking if you think about it. Either way, (some of) the people have spoken! Bitcoin Bracket

Thoughts and Predictions for the 2020 Tournament

The bracket is out after one of the WILDEST days in crypto I've seen in a minute. Bitcoin went from around 8000 to 3800 to 5700 to 5000. Plenty of other coins saw HUGE gains and HUGE losses. A great way to start what should be a wild tournament. Here are a few of...

The 2020 Ultimate Cryptocurrency Tournament Bracket Announcement!

Voting begins on March 17 at the website's homepage and https://twitter.com/UltimateCrypto7.

Only One Tournament in Town – What a Wild Day

I never thought I'd see the year that there was no March Madness, but that is what's happened. How serendipitous? Instead of the distraction of college basketball, there is now only the Ultimate Cryptocurrency Tournament in March. In less than 12 hours, I will lock in the 64 coins for the...

Two Methods to Pull off a Crypto Tournament Upset

In a single-elimination tournament, anything can happen. In basketball, a team can have a bad game and before they know it, they're out. A season's worth of work gone in 40 minutes. The same thing can happen in the 2020 Ultimate Cryptocurrency Tournament. The way this tournament works is by voting for your favorite...

Cinderella Coins Candidates for the 2020 Ultimate Cryptocurrency Tournament

One of the most exciting features of the NCAA basketball tournament is the real possibility of a lightly-regarded and unsung lower-seeded team triumphing over the giants of the bracket and making it further than anyone predicted. They call that a "Cinderella Run." I see a...

Predictions for the Demo Cryptocurrency Tournament

I'm getting really excited. This blog post is about the matchups in the sample bracket. Again, it's not the real tournament bracket which will be announced on March 13. There are some intriguing matchups in this demo bracket. When I prognosticate, I'm not saying which coin is my personal favorite, rather...

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