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Presenting the 2021 Ultimate Cryptocurrency Tournament!

The day has arrived. The bracket is set. Enough talk. Time for action! There were a few shakeups to the bracket over the final few days, mostly in the lower seeds. Coins like Chiliz, Decentraland, Enjin Coin, Theta Fuel, Polygon that came out of nowhere this week to...

Why I’m Doing This

You might, or might not, be wondering why I am going through the trouble of this tournament. Quite simply, I love this style of single-elimination tournament and I love how cryptocurrency is a tool to help make a freer world. My fascination with these single-elimination tournaments began in 1998. I was raised to be...

Bracket Watch: March 6, 2021

The final mock bracket is here, with the real deal delivered on Selection Sunday, March 14. Some big changes occurred during this week. Some coins gained entry to the coveted field of 64, while others saw their fortunes reverse as they tumbled to the nether abyss. This is just a...

Bracket Watch: February 27, 2021

Cutthroat competition in the crypto sphere. Bring your A game or get left behind. There was a huge shakeup in the mock bracket (the real one drops on March 14, Selection Sunday). Previous 1 seeds such as Binance Coin and Polkadot tumbled back down to 2 seeds and a NEW 1...

Bracket Watch: February 20, 2021

I'm getting excited for this year's tournament. It's going to be a lot different than last year's, played just after a huge crash in March 2020. This time, I think people will be excited about their coins. And there ain't no cat fight like a crypto cat fight when supporters (or shills) get together to back their...

Bracket Watch: February 13, 2021

High school sports were just cancelled here for the winter. Sorry kids, the Boomers need you to politely crush your dreams so Satan's New World Order can come to fruition. But here at the ULTIMATE CRYPTO TOURNAMENT we're FULL SPEED AHEAD! What a week it was. It seems like...

Bracket Watch: February 6, 2021

While the NCAA is forcing its players to pretend they are all diseased, and while the coaches and teams obediently follow their commands, and even thank their masters for "keeping them safe," the real winners this year are CRYPTOCURRENCIES, setting all time highs ($1 trillion and counting!) and living life ABOVE THE RIM! SLAM DUNK!

What I Learned from the Ultimate Crypto Tournament

The ultimate crypto tournament came to me when I was perusing Reddit and saw someone jokingly put some of the cryptocurrencies into a mock bracket. At the time (March 2020), the U.S. was gearing up to watch the annual NCAA basketball tournament. It's a very exciting single-elimination tournament where unexpected and lower ranked teams can catch fire...

Nano’s Run to the Title, Revisited

Nano's run through the ultimate cryptocurrency took the world by surprise. They were hyped before the tournament, already claiming victory on their Reddit page, but many coins were making such claims. One reply was along the lines of "Yes! Let's shill our beloved Nano to victory!!" And they did. When...

The Champ Is Here!

A champion has been crowned. A runner up has emerged. The tournament is complete. What an amazing journey, when 64 of the top cryptocurrency vied for supremacy, at least in this iteration. After After an exciting month, a victor has emerged. Who...

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